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Lake Winnibigoshish is known for great Minnesota fishing

Fall Fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish

Fall on Lake Winnie means great Minnesota walleye fishing Oftentimes the weather in mid-August still feels like the middle of summer yet signs of the coming fall are clearly identifiable. The trees are turning, football practice has started, the kids are going back to school and best of all...great fall fishing is just around the corner! Lake Winnibigoshish is a renown walleye fishery and fall is one of the best times of the year to find big fish as water temperatures cool and the fish prepare for the coming winter. Here are some tips to help you find fish on Lake Winnie during the fall months.
The transition from summer to fall has a big impact on fishing because the change of season impacts the two major components of a fish population's environment: the water and the weather. The cooling temperatures create instability in the weather patterns spawning cold fronts that can trigger feeding frenzies. The cooling air temperatures also result in cooling water temperatures - something that signals the fish to begin preparations for the coming winter. As a result, autumn fish will be concentrated near a food source since there are fewer bait fish to prey on than there were during the warm months of summer. Many times if you can find the baitfish, you will usually find walleyes, crappies, or northern pike close by. If you mark game fish on your sonar, try that spot for awhile, but if you don’t have luck relatively Lake Winnie has big northern!quickly, then move on to another location. Don’t spend too much time waiting for fish to move into an area where you are not getting any action.
Jig and minnow combinations are successful with many different species in the fall. A Fire-ball jig tipped with a three or four inch minnow will attract just about any walleye in its vicinity, and usually a golden shiner is the minnow of choice. You may want to go a bit smaller if crappies or perch are what you’re fishing for.  Trolling crankbaits is another good bet for catching really big walleye in the fall. You can also try an aggressive, medium-sized minnow in an area where walleye are known to hold. Large sand or rock flats that are near deep water can provide exceptional action.
Great Minnesota fishing on Lake WinnibigoshishCrankbaits are also an excellent choice when hunting for trophy Northern Pike. A good rule of thumb is to match the size of the lure to the size of fish you are chasing. In this case, the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish! As the season progresses, northern pike often become more aggressive. You may use a softer, less aggressive approach in the spring, but ratchet it up as the season progresses. It is a good idea to vary your retrieve by speeding up and then slowing down. You can also twitch it, and then hop it. By changing the action, you will soon be saying “fish on!"
Big thumping blades produce some nice catches, but be aware that they are considered warm water lures if the depth is less than 5 feet, use a shallow runner. If the depth is deeper than five feet, use a deep runner. Spinnerbaits tend to run interference and are a better choice when fishing through the weeds. Slow and tantalizing jigs are best when the fishing is tough. A 3/8 oz. jig is best for shallow water. You should add about 1/8 oz for every 5 feet of depth. Tip the jig with a stinger if you are getting short hits. The colder the water, the slower the approach should be. With jigs, you need to learn to detect subtle bites, and that can take some practice!
As fall takes hold in northern Minnesota, attention turns to hunting and football which tends to reduce the number of anglers on the water.  In fact, you might find that you have all those fish to yourself. So grab your tackle and a warm jacket and head to Lake Winnie – that trophy fish is calling your name!

We look forward to hosting your Minnesota fishing trip at McArdle’s Resort – Lake Winnibigoshish’s premier resort for fishermen and their families!  Contact us today to check availability!


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