McArdle's Resort Reservation Form

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Please check availability with us before printing this form!
fter confirming your reservation with us by phone, please print this form and mail it to:
McArdle's Resort1014 W. Winnie Road NW
Bena, MN  56626
  Please call Paige or Craig at 1-800-535-2398.




State:_______________ Zip__________________

Day Phone:_______________________________

Evening Phone:____________________________


Total Number of Guests in Your Party: _________
     Total Number of Adults: _________
     Total Number of Kids: ___________
     Total Number of Kids Under Age 10: _________


Cabin Number(s):  __________________________
(Call for availability)

RV Campsite(s):
(indicate # needed)  ______________
(Call for availability)

Arrival                               Departure
__ Date:________________

I am Interested in American Plan:  Yes   No
(Minimum of 4 people required)

I will be bringing a pet(s): (indicate #)  ___________
     *Please make sure your cabin allows pets*

I will bring my own boat(s):  Yes   No
Indicate #:  ________________

Call us at 1-800-535-2398 or email us at:

Xtra Dock Space(# of spaces):__________________

# of Rental Motor(s) Needed:_______ (Deposit Required)
(Call for availability)

# of Lund Boat(s) Needed: _______ (Deposit Required)

16' Lund Fury w 25hp(s) Needed: _______ (Deposit Required)

20' Pontoon (circle one):  Yes   No  (Deposit Required)
(Call for availability)

22' Pontoon (circle one):  Yes   No  (Deposit Required)
(Call for availability)

I want to reserve a spot on your LaunchYes   No
Date(s):  _____________ 
(Deposit Required)

I want to schedule a Private CharterYes   No
Date(s):  _____________ 
(Deposit Required)

I want to reserve a date with a Fishing GuideYes   No
Date(s):  _____________ 
(Deposit Required)

I want to rent a fish house Yes   No  (Deposit Required)

     Indicate #:  _________ (Call for Availability)

Cabin + Campground + WatercraftLaunch +
Guide + Fish House:

VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Cashiers Check, Personal Checks, & Money Orders Accepted.  Please do not send cash.

Credit Card #:______________________________

Card Type & Exp Date:_______________________

Name As Printed On

I have read and agree to the reservation policies as stated.

SIGNATURE:_______________________________ Reservation is not confirmed until signed form & deposit are received.

If you have difficulties getting this form to print, please contact us here.